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Privacy and the security of your personal information is extremely important to us so this policy sets out what we do with your information and how we keep it secure. It also explains where and how we collect your personal information and your rights.

This policy applies to you if you browse or purchase any of our products or services whether by post, telephone or online. If you want to see The Benefits of Sharing Your Data Video, please follow the link. If you have purchased from us previously via our catalogues or online, we will assume that you do not wish to opt out from us handling your data as set out below. If you wish to change your individual preferences at any time, please visit your privacy dashboard here. You will be required to log in if you aren't already.

Please note that some basic information needs to be stored and handled by us so we can fulfil our legal obligations to you.

What information we hold
  • Information you provide to us including your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, bank account and payment card details (encrypted using Secure Server (SSL) technology) and any feedback you give to us, including by phone, email, post, or when you communicate with us via social media;
  • Information related to your health, race or ethnic origin or religion. We may need sensitive personal data from you for certain products and services, and in some cases, we may be able to assume sensitive personal data about you from the information you provide. By letting us have any sensitive personal data, you expressly consent to us using and telling others about any of your sensitive personal data so we can provide you with the goods or services requested by you in the way set out in this Privacy Policy.
  • Third party information you give us, (for example if someone else is taking delivery for you or is included in the purchase of a product) you confirm that you have identified our company to them and told them what we will use their information for, as set out in this Privacy Policy
  • Information about what you have placed in your online shopping basket;
  • Information about the products and services we provide to you (including for example, the things we have provided to you, when and where, what you paid, the way you use our products and services);
  • Your account login details, including your user name and chosen password;
  • Information about any device you have used to access our services (such as your device's make and model, browser or IP address) and also how you use our services. If you use our websites, we try to identify when and how you use those websites too;
  • Details of the emails and other electronic communications you receive from us, including whether that communication has been opened and if you have clicked on any links within that communication. We want to make sure that our communications are useful for you, so if you don't open them or don't click on any links in them, we know we need to improve our services;
  • Information from other sources such as our retail partners and specialist companies that provide customer information (like marketing and research companies) and social media providers;
  • Whether you have opted in or opted out of having your data handled as set out in this Privacy Policy.

How we use your information

see Annex 2 at the end of this policy to discover ways you can manage cookies on your browser

The information we collect may be used to:

  • Make available our services and products to you;
  • Process your orders;
  • Contact you in relation to any prize draws, competitions or promotions you have entered or subscribed to;
  • Take payment from you or give you a refund;
  • Personalise your shopping experience, for example by understanding your location or how you use our websites to provide you with personalised offers or shopping ideas;
  • Through using persistent (remain on your device until you manually delete) and session (remain on your device until you close your browser) cookies, we keep track of what you have in your basket, to remember you when you return to our site, as well as to improve your experience of the site. (Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer). The statistical information does not include personal or financial data);
  • Some cookies are essential to operate our site and help you log into secure areas; some cookies help with performance of our site by counting the number of visitors we have and how they move around (these cannot identify you); there are cookies that allow our sites to remember your choices and compare them with other customers (these do not track where you go after you leave our site); and there are marketing cookies;
  • We may also use cookies with carefully-selected and monitored third parties to serve you online advertisements that we believe are relevant to your previous interests. We do not tell third parties who you are and we do not share your personal individual details;
  • Help us ensure that our customers are genuine and to prevent fraud;
  • Conduct market research, either ourselves or with reputable agencies;
  • Carry out profiling with our partners to help us understand who our customers are and how we might better market our products to them;
  • For statistical analysis;
  • Help us understand more about you as a customer, the products and services you consume, the manner in which you consume them and how you shop with us so we can serve you better;
  • Find ways to improve our products, services and websites (We may employ third party experts to help us look at this information. However, we make sure that anyone we employ treats all information with the same sensitivity and security that we treat it);
  • Seek a review/feedback from you for a product or service you have received from us;
  • Contact you about products and services from us and other companies;
  • Provide you with online advertising;
  • Ensure we are able to promptly deal with any product recalls;
  • Provide for the safety and security of our colleagues and customers; and
  • Help answer your questions and solve any issues you have.

Who might we share your information with – see Annex 1 at the end of this policy for a full list

Our service providers:

We work with partners, suppliers, insurers, delivery companies and agencies so they can process your personal information on our behalf but only where they meet our standards on the processing of data and security. We only share information that allows them to provide their services to us or to facilitate them providing their services to you. For example, some of our service providers may place advertising for us online about our products and services and those of our retail partners, suppliers and third parties. As a result, where you have indicated you are happy to receive marketing from us, you might see online advertising that we have placed on the web sites you visit, or the interactive services you use.

Other organisations and individuals:

We may transfer your personal information to other organisations in certain scenarios. For example:  

  • If we are discussing selling or transferring part or all of our business, we may share information about you to prospective purchasers - but only so they can evaluate that business;
  • If we are reorganised or sold to another organisation, we may transfer information we hold about you to them so they can continue to provide the services to you;
  • If required to by law, under any code of practice by which we are bound or we are asked to do so by a public or regulatory authority such as the Police, Trading Standards, or the Department for Work and Pensions;
  • If we need to do so in order to exercise or protect our legal rights, users, systems and services; or
  • In response to requests from individuals (or their representatives) seeking to protect their legal rights, or the rights of others.
International transfers of your personal information

From time to time we may transfer your personal information to our suppliers or service providers based inside and outside of the EEA for the purposes described in this privacy policy. If we do this, your personal information will continue to be subject to one or more appropriate safeguards set out in the law. These might be the use of model contracts in a form approved by regulators, or having our suppliers sign up to an independent privacy scheme approved by regulators (like the US 'Privacy Shield' scheme).

Keeping you informed about our products and services

We would like to tell you about other great offers, ideas, products and services from time to time that we think you might be interested in. Where you have consented to us doing so, we may do this through the post, by email, text message, online, using social media, or by any other electronic means.

We will not send you marketing messages if you tell us not to but we will still need to send you occasional service-related messages.

Your rights

Access and correction of your personal information:

You have the right to access the personal information that we hold about you in many circumstances. This is sometimes called a 'Subject Access Request'. If we agree that we are obliged to provide personal information to you (or someone else on your behalf), we will provide it to you or them free of charge.

Before providing personal information to you or another person on your behalf, we may ask for proof of identity and sufficient information about your interactions with us that we can locate your personal information.

If any of the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, you may ask us to correct it.

If you would like to exercise these rights, please contact us as set out below.

Right to stop or limit our processing of your data:

You have the right to object to us processing your personal information if we are not entitled to use it any more, to have your information deleted if we are keeping it too long or have its processing restricted in certain circumstances.

If you would like to exercise this right, please contact us as set out below.

How long will we keep your information for?

We will retain a record of your personal information for up to six years after you placed your last order. This is done in order to provide you with a high quality and consistent service across our group. We will always retain your personal information in accordance with law and regulations and never retain your information for longer than is necessary. A valid reason for us keeping your information includes ensuring you are made aware as quickly as possible about any safety issues with your purchase(s) and so that you can easily exercise your consumer rights.

Financial details you provide to us will be kept for up to 12 months so that we can easily refund you if an issue arises or to assist you with making further purchases.

We sometimes provide you with links to other websites, but these websites are not under our control. Therefore, we will not be liable to you for any issues arising in connection with their use of your information, the website content or the services offered to you by these websites. We advise you to consult the privacy policy and terms and conditions on each website to see how each supplier may process your information.

Sharing your thoughts

When using our website, you may be able to share information through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. For example, when you 'like', 'share' or review our goods or services. When doing this your personal information may be visible to the providers of those social networks, their other users and/or our company. Please remember it is your responsibility to set appropriate privacy settings on your social network accounts so you are comfortable with how your information is used and shared on them.


We take security measures to protect your information including:

  • Limiting access to our buildings to those that we believe are entitled to be there (by use of passes, key code access and other related technologies);
  • Implementing access controls to our information technology, such as firewalls, ID verification and logical segmentation and/or physical separation of our systems and information;
  • Never asking you for your passwords;
  • Advising you never to enter your account number or password into an email or after following a link from an email.
Contact us

If you would like to exercise one of your rights as set out above, or you wish to amend your marketing preferences, or you have a question or a complaint about this policy, or the way your personal information is processed, please contact us by one of the following means:

By email: DPO@easylifegroup.com By post: Data Protection Officer, Easylife Group Limited, 11-13 Kings Terrace, London, NW1 0JP.

Call our Customer Experience Team on 0303 031 0777.

Amend your individual preferences by visiting your privacy dashboard here.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the UK regulator, the Information Commissioner. Go to ico.org.uk to find out more.

To opt out of our own cookies used for online advertising, please click here

Policy change

This privacy policy was most recently updated in September 2018.

Annex 1

Below is the list of 3rd parties that use cookies to record customers' interactions with our site in order to either retarget then to either 1/ serve ads(/emails) on our behalf, 2/ serve personalised/more relevant content on maisonmaison.co.uk or 3/ help us analyse and understand patterns in our website audience.


1. Retargeting for advertising/marketing purposes on behalf of Maison Maison

  • 1.1 Google Adwords (Google advertising)
  • 1.2 Bing Ads
  • 1.3 Facebook advertising

2. Analytics

  • 3.1 Google Analytics

This is the list of other 3rd parties we share customer data with, so they can market our products to you that are not available online or through our catalogues:
  • MNT - to promote health products on our behalf
  • Padtor Marketing / Lead the Horse - to promote leisure and other services on our behalf
  • Epsilon Abacus - they manage the Abacus Alliance on behalf of UK retailers. The participating retailers are active in the clothing, collectables, food & wine, gardening, gadgets & entertainment, health & beauty, household goods, and home interiors categories. They have information on what their customers buy. Epsilon Abacus analyses this pooled information to help the retailers understand consumers’ wider buying patterns. From this information, retailers can tailor their communications, sending people suitable offers that should be of interest to them, based on what they like to buy.
We may also allow carefully selected companies to send you offers by post in the following categories:
  • Retailers/Mail Order:
    • Automotive
    • Fashion/clothing
    • Household
    • Gardening
    • Gifts

  • Charities:
    • Animal
    • Arts & Culture
    • Community
    • Environmental
    • Elderly
    • Disability
    • Housing
    • Medical
    • Overseas Aid
    • Public Service & Military

  • Lifestyle:
    • Health & wellbeing
    • Leisure
    • Outdoor activities

  • Finance:
    • Insurance: Home, Car, Pet, Personal
    • Banking
    • Pensions
    • Investments
Here is the list of 3rd parties we work alongside to place and fulfill orders with us:
  • Groupon - partners
  • Wowcher - partners
  • Amazon - partners
  • eBay - partners
  • Ideal Shopping - partners
  • Costco - partners
  • Direct Response Marketing Group – uploading of postal orders and assisting with email direct marketing campaigns
  • First Choice Group – customer services
  • T2 – telephony services
  • Yodel – courier services
  • Direct Mail – courier services
Annex 2


How to enable and disable cookies using your browser

Cookies help you to get the most out of our websites. Cookies are an essential part of how our website works, however we require your consent to use them. If you wish to disable our cookies then please follow the instructions below.

Google Chrome

  1. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click 'Show advanced settings'
  4. In the “Privacy” section, click the 'Content settings' button
  5. To enable cookies in the “Cookies” section, pick 'Allow local data to be set'
  6. To disable cookies, in the “Cookies” section, pick 'Block sites from setting any data' and 'Block third-party cookies and site data” For more information, please visit the Chrome support page here:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0

  1. Click on the 'Tools' icon at the top right-hand-side of your browser window and select 'Internet Options'
  2. In the options window navigate to the 'Privacy' tab
  3. To enable cookies: Set the slider to 'Medium' or below
  4. To disable cookies: Move the slider to the top to block all cookies For more information, please visit the MIcrosoft support page here:

Mozilla Firefox

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  2. Select the Privacy panel
  3. To enable cookies: Check 'Accept cookies for sites'
  4. To disable cookies: Uncheck at 'Accept cookies for sites' For more information, please visit the Firefox support page here:
    http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Enabling and disabling cookies


  1. Click on 'Setting' in the browser menu and select 'Settings'
  2. Select 'Quick Preferences'
  3. To enable cookies: check “Enable Cookies
  4. To disable cookies: uncheck “Enable Cookies” For more information, please visit the Opera support page here:

Safari on OSX

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  4. To disable cookies: In the 'Accept cookies' section select 'Never' For more information, please visit the Apple support website here: https://support.apple.com/?path=Safari/3.0/en/9277.html

Mobile phone and tablet devices

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